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  • harold jarnicki brent jarnicki and Erin Renneker
  • Harold Jarnicki Brent Jarnicki and Erin Renneker
  • Harold Jarnicki Brent Jarnicki and Erin Renneker
  • Harold Jarnicki Brent Jarnicki and Erin Renneker
  • Harold Jarnicki Brent Jarnicki and Erin Renneker
  • Eliminate Debt and Protect Your Assets

    Stressed and embarrassed, people's debt problems can spiral out
    of control and take over their lives. Many times it's not even their fault.
    If you are one of these people there is hope. It's time to take control.
    You have options, and we can help.

  • Family Law

    Resolve all of your Divorce, Child Support and Custody issues with Harold Jarnicki and Associates

  • Stop Wage Garnishments and Creditor Harassment

    Remove Judgement Liens
    Resolve tax Issues
    Stop Utility Shut-off Notices

  • Why Choose Us?

    See the Jarnicki Difference

  • Tax Problems?
    We can help!

    Eliminate IRS, State, and local taxes.
    Remove Tax Liens, Stop Tax Garnishments.
    We can help you!

Harold Jarnicki & Associates’ Lawyers Advocate for Your Bankruptcy and Family Law Needs

Bankruptcy Attorneys Offering Experienced Representation to Clients Throughout Lebanon, Mason, Wilmington, Hillsboro, and Middletown

At the law firm of Harold Jarnicki & Associates, our attorneys have been committed to providing the highest quality of legal representation since 1974. From our main office in Lebanon, and locations in Wilmington and Batavia, we have helped literally thousands of individuals and businesses in Cincinnati, Dayton, and the surrounding parts of Southern Ohio overcome debt through bankruptcy.

Because of our years of experience, because we have done this thousands of times before, we are confident in our ability to handle even the most complex bankruptcy cases. In fact, many lawyers, including other bankruptcy lawyers, frequently refer challenging cases to us because they know we are up to the task. No matter how difficult you believe your case to be, you can feel confident knowing we can help you overcome your debt.

You should consider bankruptcy if…

  • You cannot pay all of your outstanding bills.
  • You can pay only the minimum payments on your bills.
  • You are using credit cards to pay for daily necessities.
  • You’ve used your savings or are considering cashing out your retirement to pay your bills.
  • You are borrowing money from relatives or friends just to make ends meet.
  • You are receiving phone calls from creditors.
  • You are receiving letters from collection agencies.
  • You are behind on your rent or mortgage.
  • You are in foreclosure, or the creditor is threatening foreclosure.
  • You are struggling to make your car payments, or your car is about to be repossessed.
  • Your wages are being garnished.
  • A creditor has threatened a lawsuit.
  • You owe more IRS or State taxes than can be paid back within one year.
  • You are using payday or cash advance loans to pay bills.
  • Your utilities are on the verge of shutoff.

Once the bankruptcy is filed, all creditor contact (phone calls, bills, letters, judgments, wage garnishments, bank levies, etc.) is stopped IMMEDIATELY!

Caring and Service: The Jarnicki Difference

While we understand that the end goal in bankruptcy is to eliminate your debt, we believe that the caring and service provided along the way are critical as well. We truly care about everyone we represent. We are compassionate and understanding of your stressful situation, and we take pride in knowing that we can get you through this difficult time. We will provide your case the utmost attention, no matter how big or small the matter may be.

You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have an experienced lawyer on your side. That is The Jarnicki Difference. In our office, you meet face-to-face with an attorney each and every appointment, not a paralegal or secretary. There are only three attorneys in our firm, so you and your attorney will get to know each other on a first-name basis. When you have questions or concerns along the way, your lawyer will be there for you.

When you talk to us, you will get clear and honest information. If there are potential issues that could arise, we are going to tell you about them so they do not catch you by surprise. We do not believe in sugarcoating problems or misleading people. Instead, when we foresee a problem, we put forth every effort to overcoming it so we can get you the results you need.


At our law firm, we understand that you work and that you have time constraints. We strive to make our services and appointment times as flexible as possible. We are happy to arrange meetings on evenings and weekends as necessary. We serve clients throughout the Lebanon, Franklin, Trenton, Maineville, Hamilton, Morrow, Mason, Middletown, Wilmington, Hillsboro, and Batavia areas. Serving Clients Throughout Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Highland, Warren Counties & Surrounding Areas as well.

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