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Work Directly with an Experienced Family Law Attorney
We HAVE ServeD 1000s of Clients
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The decision to end a marriage and pursue a divorce is never an easy one. Whether the marriage was short with no kids or the union was long and you have amassed many complex assets, it is in your best interest to consult with a divorce attorney so that nothing is overlooked and a final divorce agreement can be reached as smoothly as possible.

When you come to the Greater Cincinnati law firm of Harold Jarnicki & Associates, we make sure to provide you with the peace of mind by knowing that you have options and an experienced advocate on your side. You will walk out of your free initial consultation feeling comfortable and relieved because you will understand how we can help you get a fresh start and start the next chapter of your life.

When we work with you, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have an experienced lawyer on your side. That is The Jarnicki Difference. We work with and for our clients.

In our office, you meet face-to-face with a lawyer at each and every appointment, not a paralegal or secretary. There are only three attorneys in our firm, so you and your attorney will get to know each other on a first-name basis and establish a close relationship. When you have questions or concerns along the way, your lawyer will be there for you.

Whether you need counseling concerning how marital debts and bankruptcy can affect a divorce petition, or you need to pursue a modification after the divorce is finalized, you can count on us for personalized, in-depth help.

Like bankruptcy, family law involves personal issues where much is at stake. When facing these types of life changes, it is critical to have a family law attorney on your side who is sensitive to your needs and who also will explain things clearly to you so you can make wise decisions.

At the law firm of Harold Jarnicki & Associates, we have been providing this kind of legal representation since 1974. From our central office in Lebanon, and locations in Wilmington and Batavia, our family law attorneys help people throughout Warren County, Cincinnati, Dayton, Wilmington, Springboro, Mason, Hillsboro and the surrounding parts of Southern Ohio. 

We offer the following family law services:

Our Approach

When you talk to us, we make every effort to provide you with clear and honest information so you can make informed decisions. We want to put you in the best decision to make sound choices that will protect you and your family now and in the future.

We believe in discussing all the options or potential outcomes regardless whether they may be negative or not. Our Warren County lawyers strongly believe that you should have as much information about the legal process as possible so you are prepared and can plan accordingly. When we do foresee a problem, we put forth every effort to overcome it so we can get you the results you need.

Child Custody

If you are filing for divorce and have children, there is no doubt that protecting them is your first priority. A divorce is stressful, emotional, time-consuming and a major life event. Having an experienced and compassionate advocate on your side can help make the experience easier for you and your children.

At the law firm of Harold Jarnicki & Associates, our attorneys have more than 47 years of experience helping individuals with sensitive legal issues. We have helped people throughout the Warren County area from all walks of life who have child custody matters that require detailed attention. 

Our lawyers can help you work out a fair custody agreement as part of your divorce settlement that clearly identifies:

  • Legal Custody: Determines who will have decision-making authority regarding health care, religious upbringing, extracurricular activities, and other important issues.
  • Physical Custody: Determines who the children will reside with and how often visitation will occur.

We can also help you determine whether sole or joint custody would be in the best interest of the children. Ohio courts tend to favor joint arrangements if both parents want to take an active role in the upbringing of the children. Our goal is always to reach a fair arrangement that is beneficial to the parents and the children, while also preserving relationships to create a stable environment.

Child & Spousal Support

When a marriage ends and children are involved, or when a child is born to unwed parents, the children’s well-being and care are of the utmost importance. It is not enough for each parent to say he or she will provide for the children. It is in everyone’s best interest that child support be clearly defined and part of a comprehensive divorce agreement. 

At the Cincinnati, Ohio, law firm of Harold Jarnicki & Associates, our attorneys have been helping people for more than 47 years. Our goal is to protect you and your children during this difficult time.

Ohio Child Support Standards

In Ohio, child support is calculated based on a statutory formula and guidelines. The formula includes considering factors such as:

  • Income of Both Parties
  • Number of Children
  • Certain Tax and Social Security Calculations
  • The Cost of Health Insurance
  • Work-Related Child Care Expenses
  • Other Factors the Court May Consider Relevant

These factors are meant to be used to arrive at an amount that is in the best interest of the children. However, the court can be persuaded to increase or decrease the amount of support if there are other important factors or circumstances that should be taken into account.

After a divorce is finalized, circumstances may substantially change, causing the need to modify an existing child support order. Our child support attorneys have the experience necessary to assist clients in understanding and determining whether modification of child support is appropriate at any given point in time.

Detailed Spousal Support Lawyers

We also help people with spousal support petitions. Spousal support is not a mandatory component of a divorce action, but may be a crucial factor in certain filings. We provide counsel to clients who want to explore this component.

We look at every factor when negotiating spousal support or deviations from the child support guidelines. It is this careful and considered representation that has earned us our reputation amongst our peers and in the community. Past clients frequently refer people to us because they remember the care, attention and the results we provided in their time of need.


At our law firm, we understand that you work and that you have time constraints due to job commitments, children’s activities, and other life events. We strive to make our services and appointment times as flexible as possible. We are happy to arrange meetings on evenings and weekends as necessary. We serve clients throughout the Wilmington, Hillsboro, Lebanon, Mason, Springboro, and Middletown areas.

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At our law firm, we understand that you work and that you have time constraints. We strive to make our services and appointment times as flexible as possible. We are happy to arrange meetings on evenings and weekends as necessary. We serve clients throughout the Lebanon, Mason, Middletown, Wilmington, Hillsboro, and Batavia areas. Serving Clients Throughout Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Highland, Warren Counties & Surrounding Areas as well.

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