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You should consider bankruptcy if…

Bankruptcy might be the right choice for you if:
  • You are behind in payments like your mortgage, credit card, or utility bills.
  • You pay off debts with your savings or consider using your retirement funds.
  • Creditors call and threaten you.
  • Collection agencies contact you.
  • You turn to cash advance services to pay off bills or buy necessities.
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These are just some of the situations that indicate you need professional assistance. Making ends meet is stressful even when you don’t have serious financial troubles. If you also face debts and creditor calls, the pressure can be unbearable.

Let Harold Jarnicki & Associates alleviate your burden with debt relief in Mason, OH and the surrounding regions, including the Lebanon, Wilmington, Hillsboro, and Middletown areas. We also assist individuals and families while they file bankruptcy in Mason, OH and throughout the area. If you need help in Cincinnati, Dayton, or anywhere in Southwest Ohio, our offices make it convenient for you to talk with one of our lawyers. The consultation is free.

We know you already have enough to worry about, financial concerns aside. And money troubles often lead to other issues as well. We can reduce your worry through professional yet understanding guidance.

Debt troubles typically start small. If you have let debt get away from you in the past, take action now. You can prevent the problem from getting worse. Look through our services and information to learn how we can help.

Bankruptcy Services

We offer the following services:

Along with bankruptcy, we can assist with stripping second mortgages.

What Bankruptcy Can Do

The end goal of bankruptcy is to help you eliminate debt and get a fresh start on your finances. Bankruptcy is also valuable for:

Bankruptcy can be used to eliminate credit card debt and eliminate medical bills, as well as a wide range of other debts. Even debts as unique as fees accumulated from going over mileage on a leased vehicle or back rent owed to a landlord can be dischargeable through bankruptcy.

Other Bankruptcy Issues

Bankruptcy can be extremely complex. We have been handling bankruptcy since 1974, and we have the experience to handle even the most challenging cases. We are happy to educate you about:

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