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Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to consolidate your debt into one monthly payment and pay your creditors back a portion of what you owe. In almost every case, you do NOT have to pay back all of your debt in full! Many cases pay back only pennies on a dollar, as low as one to five cents on a dollar. The debt is paid back with no interest or late fees. At the law firm of Harold Jarnicki & Associates, our attorneys have more than 47 years of experience helping people like you use Chapter 13 bankruptcy to overcome debt.

Keep Your Property, Get Rid of Your Debt

Chapter 13 does not require you to get rid of your house or your car. In fact, it can help make your house and vehicles more affordable while eliminating your unsecured debt. In many Chapter 13’s, you can strip off a second mortgage on your home, or lower the payments on your vehicles. Over the course of three to five years, you will pay off unsecured debt with no interest or late fees. Remember, in the vast majority of cases you do not have to pay your debt back in full. It’s based only on what you can afford. You may pay pennies on the dollar toward some debt, while paying all of another. At the end of the payment period, any remaining debt will be discharged so you can get a fresh start on your finances. Our goal is to make your payment plan as low and affordable as possible.

Chapter 13 is NOT like the debt consolidation or debt settlement companies you hear and see on the radio or TV, many of which are scams. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is regulated by the Federal Bankruptcy Laws of the United States. You know where all of your money is going, and it is guaranteed to protect you by law from your creditors while discharging the unpaid debt.

Does Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Make Sense for You?

There are always options. Choosing the one that makes sense for you is critical. Our lawyers will take the time to thoroughly review your case in order to guide you toward the right option. If we believe Chapter 13 is the option for you, we will tell you exactly why. We will show you the work we did to come to that conclusion so you can understand and feel confident about your Chapter 13.

Of course, our review may reveal that Chapter 7 bankruptcy makes more sense in your case. If so, you can count on us to explain why.

Stripping Second Mortgages

Get Rid of Your Second Mortgage

Perhaps you got a second mortgage or home equity line in an attempt to manage your finances or pay off old debt. You may have purchased the house with a first and second mortgage. If your house is now worth less than what you owe on it (which is very common in the current economic climate) you may be able to strip your second mortgage when you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you have a third mortgage, you may be able to strip that as well.

By stripping the second or third mortgage in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will complete the bankruptcy having no remaining debt and only one mortgage on your home.

Get Rid of Real Estate Liens

If you are in debt, you have probably had creditors threaten to file a lawsuit against you. Maybe a lawsuit has already been filed. These creditors may have gotten judgments against you and those judgments have become liens against your home. These liens on your property will not go away unless they are paid off. Fortunately, judgment liens can usually be eliminated through Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Your Premier Ohio Bankruptcy Lawyers

With Bankruptcy, Skill Matters

At the law firm of Harold Jarnicki & Associates, you will find experienced attorneys who know the full range of options available to help you overcome your debt and get your financial situation in order. With more than 47  years of experience specializing in bankruptcy, we can assist with unique options such as stripping second mortgages and stripping real estate liens.

You Will Have an Experienced Lawyer on Your Side: The Jarnicki Difference

While some law firms only allow you to meet with your lawyer at the start or end of your case, we do not make such restrictions. Our lawyers will meet with you in person throughout your case. We will answer your phone calls, address your concerns, and explain the steps that need to be taken to eliminate your debt. We believe you deserve the utmost care. That is The Jarnicki Difference.

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