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Financial issues and money problems are one of the leading causes of divorce. Especially in today’s economic climate, most families are stressed because of their financial situation. Financial problems can result in relationship conflicts, which in turn can lead to divorce. Unfortunately, divorce does not make the financial problems go away. In fact, it may make matters even more difficult. 

At the law firm of Harold Jarnicki & Associates, our attorneys have more than 47 years focusing on debt relief solutions. Our experience makes us particularly skilled in handling complex bankruptcy and domestic relations cases, such as those involving divorce and family conflicts.

Bankruptcy Before Divorce

We are proud to say that we have saved hundreds of marriages by using bankruptcy to eliminate the financial problems that caused the marital conflict in the first place. Of course, we understand that rarely is a financial problem the only reason a couple is considering a divorce.

Even so, we believe that by using bankruptcy to address debt prior to divorce, we can eliminate one extremely stressful issue that would have to be resolved during the divorce process or dealt with after by the divorced individuals. Even if the marriage cannot be salvaged, it is much easier to proceed with the divorce after the personal and marital debt is cleared up in the bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy During Divorce

Sometimes the severity of debt does not become clear until divorce has been filed. If you have already enlisted an attorney to handle your divorce, our team can work with your attorney personally to handle your bankruptcy in an efficient and effective manner as your divorce progresses. We work directly with divorce attorneys on a daily basis to assist them with the resolution of marital debt before and during divorce proceedings.

Bankruptcy After Divorce

Many people find that, although they were able to keep their debts under control when they were married and two people were working together to pay them off, they are not able to deal with it on their own after they have separated. For example, one spouse may agree to keep the marital residence and pay the mortgage on his or her own. However, following the divorce he or she can no longer afford to keep the home without the former spouse’s contribution. Bankruptcy is an effective solution to eliminate the debts that have followed you after your divorce.

Remember, even if the divorce decree orders your ex-spouse to pay a joint marital debt, you are still personally liable for the debt until it is completely paid off. So, if your ex-spouse fails to pay the marital debt following the divorce, the creditor can still sue you for the amount owed, regardless of the order in the divorce decree for the debt be paid by your ex-spouse. Bankruptcy will protect you from the unpaid debt before or after the divorce.

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